Never What It Seems

05 Dec

“Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.”
– Saint Augustine

One of my favorite parts of a new project is to see where it takes me.  It’s an adventure unto itself to work out those nascent details of a new script or story, to put in place the building blocks of what will eventually become a much deeper and more complex piece of work.

Part of the reason I enjoy this stage so much is because it’s the time where the project can undergo drastic changes.  For example, a day ago I had a certain expectation in my mind about where my current project would take me.  I thought I knew where the story was headed.  Apparently, I was incorrect.  These new characters, still trying to find their footing and identities, have already showed me the folly of my ways.  If I want to tell their story, I need to be open to telling it their way.

Of course, that’s a silly analogy writers often use to describe the process.  Though the characters may seem to be alive to us, they are really just extensions of ourselves and their voices – while perhaps clear and distinct – are still our own voices.  I suppose it’s fitting for this story in a way, because as I write this, I do so with the full intent of taking on one of the roles myself.  I’ve never been a big actor but I have plenty of experience and I know how to get what I want out of the actors I’ve worked with.  I’ve done two films so far – shorts, and relatively small roles, but valuable ones.  All roles that teach are valuable, regardless of size or prominence in the story.

At any rate, I’m happy about the new direction.  It’s not what I was expecting – it’s better.  Unexpected.  I’m confident it will make for an even better script.  So, as all writers must, I will continue to have faith in my work and faith in the characters and world I am crafting.  I can scarcely wait to see the end result for myself, but the journey to that result will no doubt be its own reward.

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